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Water and Fire Damage Restoration

If you have suffered a loss to do Water or Fire Damage we will work with your Insurance Company and restore your home properly with amazing attention to the detail that you deserve.

The two most common types of damage on home that require a insurance claim are Water and Fire.   If we are dealing with a water damage there can be many culprits: burst pipes, ice dams on your roof in the winter, flooding from rain or ground water, a window left open while you were on vacation, a faucet left on or dripping causing a sink to over flow.  A fire loss can come from a electrical problem or lighting also known as a ‘Act of god”.  If the fire is at a rental property the fire can be started by one of their tenants or mother nature.  These types of damage can be significant and we are experienced in dealing with them.

We take our clients rights seriously. When someone suffers damage at their home and they need to file an insurance claim , we are there to file claims on your behalf.  Many people don't realize it’s their right to choose their own contractor.  We use the same computer program that Insurance Companies use. We are often able to get more money for our clients for the restoration of their home.  It is in every insurance contract that when suffering a loss it is your right to have your home restored to new condition using comparable materials and when in the event those materials are no longer available , you are entitled to upgrades.

Water Damage Restoration in Holmes, NY



When the damage is through out or is the entire home many inspection will be preformed. These inspections will be preformed by both the town and and the insurance company. They can be for for framing , electrical , insulation , low voltage for fire alarms , plumbing and finish inspection to get your certificate of occupancy. During these inspections the inspectors are looking to make sure that your framing is built 16 inches on center and that the lumber is attached using the correct amount and proper fasteners. They check that all of your electrical wires are run properly and not twisted and attached properly to the framing of your home. They check that your out let and switches are hooked up correctly and and run to your fuse box that they also inspect. They inspect that every cavity in your home has been insulated and that the vapor barrier or faced side of the insulation is facing the finished portions of your home. For plumbing inspections they make sure that there are no leaks in your heating lines as well as your water lines and that all the plumbing is vented correctly.  During the finish inspection they make sure that all electrical covers have been installed that all doors and windows function , all steps are safe , That your home is safe to live in. The insurance companies final inspection is to make sure that all work has been completed.


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