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Passive House Institute US

Passive building comprises a set of design principles used to attain a quantifiable and rigorous level of energy efficiency within a specific quantifiable comfort level. “Maximize your gains, minimize your losses” summarize the approach. To that end, a passive building is designed and built in accordance with these five building-science principles: 

  • It employs continuous insulation through its entire envelope without any thermal bridging.
  • The building envelope is extremely airtight, preventing infiltration of outside air and loss of conditioned air.
    • It employes high-performance windows (typically triple-paned) and doors
  • It uses some form of balanced heat- and moisture-recovery ventilation and uses a minimal space conditioning system. 
  • Solar gain is managed to exploit the sun's energy for heating purposes and to minimize it in cooling seasons.

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ClifRock Installer Certified

Chefalo Carpentry & Construction LLC traveled to  Boston, MA to be trained and certified in ClifRock Panel Masonry Technology for Outdoor Living space, kitchens and fire pits. We are now certified installers and will be lining up these projects for the spring if anybody would like to inquire. This is a system that can be completed in 2 to 4 days start to finish. We would supply all materials and appliances.  To Learn More about ClifRock Installer Certification...

Lead-Safe Certified Firm

Being EPA Lead Safe certified is a very important part of our job. This is an area where you would like your contractor to be knowledgeable , especially if you have children. If you live in a house built before 1940 there is a 98% chance your home has lead paint. If your house was built between 1940-59 it drops to a 73% chance your home has Lead Based Paint. if your home was built between 1960-77 it drops to 30%. Homes built after 1977 have a much lower chance of having LBP due to the fact it was no longer in manufacture after 1977.   To Learn More...

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Dun & Bradstreet is the leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses for over 150 years.  Chefalo Carpentry is proudly listed as one of their Accredited Firms.  To Learn More...


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Serving Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester, Ulster, Orange, Rockland and the western counties in Connecticut

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